# Welcome to Laravel CRM!

Thanks for considering the Laravel CRM package for your Laravel business, clients and projects.

# What is Laravel CRM?

Laravel CRM is a free open-source Laravel crm package which brings the functionality of expensive platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive and many other CRM platforms to Laravel.

# Tech Stack

Laravel CRM is a Laravel package venturedrake/laravel-crm that can be installed into any Laravel project with the composer require command. The CRM will require some other packages which will be managed as composer dependencies. Your project will also require a database and mail server.

The included user interface uses typical Laravel front-end technology such as Blade, jQuery and Laravel Livewire. However there is no requirement for you to use the included user interface, you can use your own.

# What are the future plans?

The company Venture Drake behind the Laravel CRM package will continue developing new functionality, updates and maintenance as it has become a core part of how we run our Laravel development business.

Keep an eye on our roadmap for future plans and the changelog for recent updates.

# Get started

Let's help you install the Laravel CRM package...